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As team chiropractors, doctors Mike Mosey and Kent Yohe, work closely with the NDSU football team to keep the athletes in top form on the field and treat sports injuries.

There’s nothing worse for an athlete than getting injured and leaving you stuck on the sidelines in chronic pain. Without proper treatment, your injury will not get better, in fact, it may actually get worse. Many sports injury patients worry they have to choose between invasive surgical procedures or enduring a lifetime of chronic pain that prevents them from playing the sports they love. Here at Fargo Spine, we have alternative treatment options for injured athletes.


Chiropractors For Athletes

We help our patients make a complete recovery, getting them back in the game. Plus, since we focus on full body wellness, our team of chiropractors are able to get our patients in peak condition. Many of our patients express that after treatment, they are in even better physical condition than before their injury due to several sports.


Chiropractic Care For Sports Injuries

Our chiropractors begin by identifying the underlying root cause for your problem. For example, a misalignment in the bones and joints could be partly responsible for a repetitive motion injury. Many patients don’t recognize how this misalignment is affecting their game. The misalignment prevents proper motion and can aggravate tendons, causing inflammation.

The treatment of such sports injuries is a process. First, our team of chiropractors restore proper alignment to the bones and joints through careful chiropractic care. Secondly, they use a variety of pain relief methods to reduce swelling and encourage internal healing. Finally, we work with our athletes to correct their motion, reducing the risk for future injury.


Common Sports Injuries Our Chiropractors Treat:

  • Pinched Nerves – These are most common along the spine in the neck and back. Through adjustments, our Fargo chiropractors will help relieve the pinching. This will generally alleviate, if not eliminate, the pain for our clients.
  • Knee Injuries – Many athletes will eventually experience different forms of knee pain, like tendonitis. We’re able to help reduce inflammation and pain our clients experience. We achieve this by working the muscles surrounding the knee to stimulate blood flow.
  • Ankle Injuries – The ankles play a pivotal role in athletes. They must be strong yet mobile for the demands of sports. We encourage athletes to visit our chiropractors regularly to ensure proper ankle mobility. Adjustments performed on the ankles will facilitate better blood flow to speed the healing process and reduce chances of injury in the future.
  • Concussion – Post-diagnoses, it is important for athletes to ensure their head and neck rest. Any more jarring or sudden blows could cause further damage to the area. The cervical spine is the main area of treatment by our chiropractors. We will likely need to realign the cervical spine to help relieve headaches, neck pain, or other symptoms.

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