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We care most about you and your well-being.

Welcome to Fargo Spine, where we most care about you and your well-being. It is here that our founder, Dr. Mike Mosey, DC, implements chiropractic medicine’s best practices to improve his patients’ lives. Whether Dr. Mosey may help you by relieving your pain, restoring your normal range of motion, improving your energy and vitality, or mending your balance and mobility, he and our staff are standing by to show you how chiropractic care can best be put to work for you.

Fargo Spine COVID-19 Response:

Fargo Spine will continue to remain open and your health and the health of our staff is our number 1 priority.

  • We ask that if you present with a cough, shortness of breath, a cold, signs of an upper respiratory tract infection, or fever – you stay home and reschedule.

We will be ramping up our disinfecting of solid surfaces, door knobs and handles and propping doors open where we can to avoid contact with surfaces. We will also continue to disinfect the patient tables and solid surfaces in between each patient.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Fargo Spine Staff

Providing Successful Treatment of:

  • Bodily Injuries
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Hormone Balance
Neck Pain Treatment
Chiropractic Care
Fargo Chiropractor

The pain and discomfort which our clients seek treatment for may stem from one or more underlying conditions. Dr. Mosey can not only diagnose the genesis of any number of problems, but effectively treat them as well. Dr. Mosey is proficient in several chiropractic treatments including muscle stimulation, myofascial release, and the Webster and Graston techniques. Whether your condition would best be improved by one or more of such treatments is a matter that a consultation with Dr. Mosey can quickly reveal.

What our Patients are Saying

Chiropractic is an officially recognized field of medicine with a history of over one century of research and practice. In one recent study, 96 percent of respondents indicated that they were at least satisfied with the chiropractic care they received, and 98 percent said they were at least very likely to pursue chiropractic care again if they felt it was warranted. (J Chiropr Med. 2009 Dec; 8(4): 143–155.)

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