Life isn’t a 100-meter dash. It’s a marathon. You will only ever be blessed with one body, and your goal is to keep it moving as long as you’re able.


You probably aren’t trying out for the NFL or competing for World’s Strongest Man anytime soon. But you would like to continue gardening, mowing your lawn, and enjoying outdoor activities when you’re 100 years old. That’s every North Dakotan’s dream!


Maybe you’ve injured yourself while doing yard work, and now find it difficult to keep your home nice. Maybe some unrelated injury is interfering with your ability to mow your lawn. Or maybe you’re completely unimpaired at the moment – and would like to stay that way. In any event, chiropractic can help.


Bounce Back From Injury With Chiropractic


The goal of chiropractic is simple: to help the body achieve its best natural condition. That just so happens to be the condition in which a body recovers from injury fastest.


Many people only know chiropractic care for the Diversified Technique (DT): precisely delivered hand thrusts that gently coax joints and bones into alignment. This is fair. The vast majority of chiropractors practice DT, although it is just one of many common modalities in their field of medicine. A chiropractor may incorporate any treatment into their practice so long as it is helpful, drug-free and nonsurgical. That’s why Fargo Spine offers multiple treatments for injury, including cold laser therapy and dry needling.


For the sake of simplicity, let’s examine how DT alone can speed up recovery from injury. A chiropractor uses it to manually apply short bursts of force to targeted areas of the body. The resultant pressure gently pushes spinal vertebrae toward their ideal alignment. The spine is the pillar of the central nervous system (CNS). When its vertebrae are correctly aligned, the spine allows the CNS to carry messages to and from the brain more effectively. Once the brain becomes more attuned to an acute or chronic injury, it responds by sending more of the natural hormones and neurotransmitters soft tissues require to heal. Reduced pain is just one happy byproduct of that process.


Keep Yourself Active With Chiropractic


Chiropractic isn’t just for treating injuries and chronic conditions. Anyone who wants to age more actively and healthily can appreciate all its benefits as well!


  • Increased strength. When your joints move correctly, the muscles that move them function better as well. According to a recent study, spinal manipulation can help muscles contract up to 60% longer until they become fatigued.


  • Increased flexibility. Chiropractic care has been repeatedly shown to improve patients’ range of motion, including those who are managing cases of osteoarthritis. It’s the natural outcome of realigning the spine and joints so both can move more freely.


  • Increased balance. Spinal manipulation doesn’t just help the body carry its weight more evenly. By releasing pressure against the nerves, it improves the CNS’s ability to sense imbalance and send signals to correct it.


  • Reduced inflammation. Inflammation may contribute to several chronic diseases, including those that occur in the autoimmune, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. When the pillar of its CNS is properly aligned, the body can cease production of neuropeptides and cytokines – both inflammatory agents.


  • Reduced stress. Stress is also associated with many health problems, including heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Chiropractic’s ability to relieve tension in the nervous system can cause profound reduction in the production of cortisol – i.e. the primary stress hormone.


If you want to get back to working and playing outdoors without discomfort – or avoid health issues that could knock you out of commission at any age – then Fargo Spine is at your service. We welcome you to contact our clinic in Fargo, ND today to book a consultation with one of our chiropractors!