Chiropractic care can do wonders for any patient. It doesn’t matter if they can still recall the Warren G. Harding administration. It doesn’t matter if they were born under Biden. Gentle spinal realignment treats such a wide range of conditions that it truly is suitable for all ages!

Spinal adjustment is also just as suitable for men as it is women. Three out of four NFL trainers have referred to a chiropractor for evaluation or treatment in the past, and nearly one-third of NFL teams keep a chiropractor on staff. Surely those team chiropractors have their work cut out for them – those men treat each other roughly, to say the very least!

We wouldn’t say whether women benefit more from chiropractic than men, although they surely benefit at least equally. Expert spinal manipulation can address a wide range of health issues which women uniquely face, offered by Fargo Spine have helped many women lead happier, healthier lives.

Here are just some of the ways chiropractic care benefits women of all ages!


Let us go on record here: All babies are perfect and beautiful. Unfortunately, very young age is no protection against many health disorders. Infant girls (and boys) may experience any number of difficulties during childbirth which misalign their spines. Misalignment may cause or contribute to asthma, gastrointestinal problems and breastfeeding difficulties, to name only a few issues.

When administered safely, chiropractic care offers a great host of benefits to babies. Infants who suffer from slight curvatures to their backs and necks can look forward to far more comfortable physical development once they have received gentle realignments. Chiropractic can ease tension and nerve problems which result from stressful births, and the boost to the immune system chiropractic care often grants is especially advantageous to a new body which must fare in a world that is so full of diseases!


Puberty is often compared to a roller coaster. This is not fair to roller coasters. A young woman’s development is marked by faster than normal physical growth, which may bring scoliosis, back pain and growing pains right alongside it. To make matters even less comfortable for teenage girls, the onset of puberty often goes hand in hand with increased hormone production which may cause problems like sleep pattern disruption, depression and emotional outbursts.

Chiropractic is naturally suited to a teen girl’s unique physical needs. Not only can gentle realignment reduce (and in some cases eliminate) the pain associated with rapid growth; a correctly aligned body is also better able to manage its hormones. Furthermore, as realignment improves the brain’s ability to communicate with other organs, teenage girls who receive chiropractic care often report reduced cramping and menstrual pain.


Life is hard enough on the spine and surrounding joints and muscle tissues. But when pregnancy adds an extra 30 pounds and a tempest of hormones to the mix, life becomes even harder. Women who are pregnant face a wide range of health complications including high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Pregnancy-related low back pain can affect up to nine in 10 women, and it is at least partially attributable to the way in which pregnancy shifts a woman’s center of gravity.

There are no known contraindications between chiropractic care and pregnancy. This is fortunate, as chiropractic is perfectly suited to help treat the pelvic changes, postural adaptations and exaggerated spinal curve that are so common among people who are carrying new life.

But chiropractic doesn’t merely address all the musculoskeletal issues that can arise from pregnancy. It has also been shown to help pregnant women control symptoms of nausea, and the Webster Technique in particular may reduce the likelihood of a breech birth.

Old Age

Old age brings a whole new host of health problems. More than 80% of people aged 55 years or older suffer from osteoarthritis. Up to 85% of older adults experience musculoskeletal pain, and as many as 70% report having back pain. One in four seniors aged 65 to 79 report mobility limitations, and 30% of postmenopausal Caucasian women live with osteoporosis.

Five percent of American seniors utilize chiropractic care every year. It is one of the most popular types of complementary and alternative care because it is so incredibly versatile. Senior women seek chiropractic for increased mobility, relief from acute or chronic pain, improved balance, and help with a wide range of conditions that become more prevalent with advanced age – including osteoporosis. Seniors who receive chiropractic care nearly universally report a greater sense of well-being!

Chiropractic care truly can help to address the unique health concerns faced by women of all ages. Whether you would like care for your baby or daughter to ensure they grow up healthfully and happily, or merely wish to treat your own body as well as you’re able, the chiropractors of Fargo Spine in Fargo, North Dakota are standing by to be of help. We welcome you to contact us today!