Functional Wellness Nutrition

Functional Wellness and Nutrition

Functional Wellness and Nutrition offer many benefits to patients. The following are common conditions treated through consultations and nutritional supplements when needed:

IBS/Digestive Conditions

IBS or digestive disorders typically result from poor eating habits and the genetic modification of our food supply. Understanding the cause helps patients reclaim their lives and get off daily medications.

Common Causes:
Auto Immune


  1. Continue taking OTC meds or prescriptions that mask the symptoms of your illness.
  2. Become educated on the disorder and learn how to get positive results through simple, pharmaceutical-free changes
Women's Health

Women’s health issues are a growing problem; heart disease, depression and auto immune conditions are on the rise.

Common Causes:
Exposure to hormones, either through food sources or birth control
Busier lifestyles are altering women’s adrenal and hormonal pathways.


  1. Struggle with low energy, misdiagnosed functional conditions and over medication.
  2. Gain control of your health and regulate metabolic pathways without medication. Schedule a Functional assessment today.
Thyroid Conditions

Elevated TSH is often diagnosed as hypothyroidism. Before a doctor prescribes medication, see us for a Functional Assessment to determine if you are autoimmune.

Common Causes:

  • Leaky Gut Syndrome: The tight junctions between the cells in the stomach lining separate and undigested food and other items get in the blood stream, causing an immune response.
  • Obesity, Inflammation and Increased Cortisol: Women may suffer from PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Insulin control and a clean diet is critical here.


  1. Begin medication, which may continue for years, until you develop a real problem with your thyroid gland. 
  2. Contact us for a Functional Assessment to find out when, where and how your condition started, then learn lifestyle changes that will help your body heal.
Weight Loss

Are you struggling with your weight? Having Fargo Spine on your side provides you with a scientific approach to weight loss, as well as a mentor and coach to help you meet your goals.

Common Causes:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle: As we age, it becomes difficult to make exercising a priority.
  • Poor Diet Choices: Busy lifestyles drive us to convenience foods, which are high in sugar and loaded with inflammatory properties.


  1. Continue as you are and struggle to become the person you want to be.
  2. Join our team and let us help discover the real you. Call our office today for an appointment that will change your life!
OAP Testing

Organic Acids Profile is a first morning void specimen to evaluate organic acids in urine.

Urine organic acids testing can help to identify dysfunction in key metabolic pathways which can negatively impact mood, energy production, and overall health.

Metabolomics Research has evaluated the following conditions associated with Organic Acid Testing:

  • Dysmetabolism, prediabetes, and diabetes
  • Weight changes and obesity
  • Fatigue
  • Athletic performance
  • Poor immune function
  • Depression and anxiety
  • GI microbial activity
  • Renal and liver dysfunction
functional wellness produts

Functional Wellness FAQs:


What is Functional Wellness?

As the name suggests, the term refers to our bodies’ natural ability to function optimally in all aspects, like digestion, hormone levels, vitamin & mineral levels, and more. The better our wellness, the better our bodies’ ability to overcome illness and the overall great feeling of healthy.


Why doesn’t my doctor know this?

Western medicine misses the connections between certain body systems. Most medical doctors are taught to treat the symptom, not the cause; this is driven by big pharma. Most doctors feel that they don’t have enough time to spend with patients.


Will you work with my current doctor in managing my condition?

We will take the time to inform your current doctor of our diagnosis and treatment plan. It is our hope that they will partner with us in your care.

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Dr. Joe’s understanding on conditions and how he can simplify and make it easy to understand is invaluable.
-Kelly P

Dr. Joe’s approach and how he takes the time to listen was refreshing. After 6 weeks of treatment I felt better and now one year later I am down 70 lbs and loving life again.
-Monica T

After meeting with Dr. Joe he was able to go thru some of the previous testing and explain what needed to be done. No one is more caring and better at getting you on the right path.
-Kathy B

Supplements We Carry:

Ortho Molecular Products

First consultation is $150 consult, interpretation of blood testing or previous testing and recommendations, 1 ½ time and follow up appt. and will interpret any testing you have had then follow up in a week to provide synopsis of case of what is going on after that depending on severity of conditions you will have follow up appts in 2-4 weeks .

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