Drinking coffee. Eating salmon. Jumping on trampolines. Cleaning the cat’s litter box. The list of beverages, foods and pastimes you cannot responsibly enjoy while you are pregnant is seemingly endless. It’s enough to make you wonder whether all the inconvenience is worthwhile – until you remember that you are creating a beautiful little life which you will cherish forever, of course.


You would do best to avoid several aspects of medical care while you are expecting as well. Medicines such as codeine, ibuprofen, clonazepam and even Pepto-Bismol may all cause complications with pregnancy. Surgery, when it is necessary, must be undertaken with even greater caution than usual. If you are accustomed to receiving chiropractic care or believe it could help to alleviate the discomfort associated with pregnancy, then you may wonder:


Is Chiropractic Care Safe While You’re Pregnant?

Yes. According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are no known reasons for a mother-to-be to avoid receiving chiropractic care throughout her pregnancy. In addition to being safe, chiropractic is an effective method for treating the wide range of musculoskeletal symptoms that affect pregnant women.

If someone has earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and is licensed to practice, they are necessarily trained to work with pregnant women. Many chiropractors received additional training so they can specialize in prenatal care. For example, the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) offers intensive 200-hour certification and 400-hour diplomate programs. Chiropractors who have received Webster Certification are specially trained to improve pelvic balance during pregnancy.

Chiropractors use tables which adjust to comfortably accommodate a pregnant woman’s body, avoid placing needless pressure against their pregnant patients’ abdomens, and are knowledgeable about which stretches and exercises pregnant women can safely perform.


What Are the Benefits of Receiving Chiropractic Care While You’re Pregnant?

Women who are pregnant may experience several physiological changes, any one of which can cause discomfort or pain. Back pain is especially prevalent: half of expecting mothers suffer from it. This is largely due to the increased curvature of the spine and pelvic changes which go hand in hand with pregnancy, as well as the postural adaptations many women assume while they are carrying a big, heavy baby.

Chiropractic care is demonstrably effective for treating low back pain, as well as the sciatic nerve pain and hip pain which are both unfortunately also common during pregnancy. Studies indicate that 84% of pregnant women who receive chiropractic care report relief from existing back pain!

Chiropractic care has even more to offer pregnant women. Realignment of the spine can reduce morning sickness by improving functionality of the nervous system. Pregnant women who undergo chiropractic treatment spend 12 to 31% less time in labor, which may be due to improved alignment of their pelvic regions. And whether you are pregnant or not, you can expect to enjoy greater overall health when you receive chiropractic treatment.


What Is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is unique among chiropractic treatments because it actually benefits two people at the same time: the patient, and the baby she is carrying. Developed specifically for pregnant women, the Webster Technique utilizes diversified chiropractic adjustment to help reduce joint dysfunction and pelvic contraction, as well as promote better uterine health and alignment of the pelvis.

The Webster Technique may make labor safer. According to a study conducted in 2002, the Webster Technique relieved the musculoskeletal causes of intrauterine constraint in 82% of patients. In less technical terms, the Webster Technique can reduce the risk of a breech birth wherein the baby exits the womb feet-first. During a breech presentation, the baby is at greater risk of injuring their limbs, as well as suffering nerve or brain damage as the result of receiving inadequate oxygen.

The Webster Technique is safe, even during the day preceding delivery. It creates no pain or discomfort, and is frequently likened to the experience of receiving a deep tissue massage.


The doctors of Fargo Spine are committed to helping expecting mothers enjoy the greatest health possible. If you would like to discuss how we can help you experience a safer and more comfortable pregnancy, then we welcome you to schedule a consultation at Fargo Spine’s chiropractic clinic in Fargo, ND today!